5860 Blossom Avenue, San Jose, CA 95123

(Corner of Calero Avenue and Blossom Avenue)


Sunrise Valley Baptist Church 

Sunrise Valley Baptist Church is a “General Practitioner” kind of church.   

Perhaps it is unusual in these days of “specialization” to find a “G.P.” kind of church,

but, HERE WE ARE!  

We are committed to the “FAITH, ONCE DEL,IVERD!”  Our songs are about Jesus, a lot of the “oldies”…some of the new songs, too.


Our message is about Jesus.  We are not “locked” into one method of pulpit work.  We can do “verse by verse” (check Pastor’s background), but we want to “let ‘er rip” and tell folk about Jesus.  In every way possible, we proclaim the Risen Christ, the central message of God’s inspired Word, the Bible.  The Lord Jesus gave us a mission:  Go, make disciples, baptize.  (Matt. 28:19) 

And, by the way, simple worship, from the heart…that’s what its all about. 

We care about all ages.  There are Sunday School as well as the nationally respected AWANA program.  We have a “Junior Summer Seminar in Spirituality” for boys and girls who have recently trusted Jesus as Savior.  The youth enjoy a midweek evening AWANA TREK group for fun and Bible study.

Sunrise Valley Baptist Church is a small church, but as we often say, there is “More bang for the buck!”.