5860 Blossom Avenue, San Jose, CA 95123

(Corner of Calero Avenue and Blossom Avenue)


Sunrise Valley Baptist Church 

CARBC Men and Boys Retreat (September 21st - 23rd)

Pilot Lake Wilderness Camp

CARBC Brochure can be found at:


Registration is now closed
For directions visit: http://pilotlakewildernesscamp.com; go to: "About us" then click on "Click Here for Printable Directions"

For further information or if you have any questions contact:

Pastor Ken Doan at Orchard Avenue Baptist Church in Vacaville, CA at kdoan@itsallaboutfamilies.org

During the Missions Conference


Gather around for breakfast, guys,

and some time in the WORD.

        8 AM every 3rd Saturday

        we gather for... 


             & WORKDAY

     Wear you grubbies,

     cuz there'll be work

     to do afterwords.  

          Not to fear!

You won't be DRAFTED if

you're the white collar​ type!